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Queensryche Live at Prairie Knights Casino

Queensryche Live at Prairie Knights Casino

Date(s): Oct 14 2023

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Saturday, October 14th at Prairie Knights Casino
Queensrÿche has sold over 20 million albums worldwide and is considered one of the leaders of the progressive metal scene of the late eighties and early nighties. Some of their greatest hits are “Silent Lucidity”, “I Don’t Believe in Love” and “Jet City Woman”. With its current lineup of Todd LaTorre, Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, guitarist Mike Stone and drummer Casey Grillo, Queensrÿche is looking towards the future while looking back on the influence and impact of its past. “When you have two of the original members, you can’t help but get those Queensrÿche elements,” says Jackson, who founded the band with Wilton in 1982. “It’s in our DNA. But it’s also nice to hear fresh ideas or interpretations from Todd, Casey or Mike Stone.” For LaTorre, that balance between the band’s past and present is crucial. 
Don’t miss your chance to see them take the stage at Prairie Knights! Cost,:$49 FMI visit